Paola Saad Jewelry is the opportunity to enter a magical world with jewelry that empowers your life.

Protect, harmonize and connect with your true self

Paola Saad Jewelry. A fortunate combination of her father’s jewelry tradition and her mother’s sense of power and magic of stones and minerals marked Paola Saad’s path forever.

From a very young age she found a great passion in jewelry design. Later in life, after immersing herself body and soul in Buddhism, shamanism and martial arts, she found the opportunity to share with the world a tool to improve her life through energy and beauty. 

In addition to beautiful designs with the highest quality of precious stones and metals inspired by nature and the cosmos, all of her creations go through a magical cleaning and preparation process made especially for you. 

The result is a piece of jewelry with the ability to protect and harmonize you. An amulet that helps you connect with yourself, from which you will never want to be separated.